Timo Lauttamus

Gripster, finger lifter and extra weight chinner, born 1979.

Grip feats:

  • Short range one hand lift (32mm handle) 289,8kg for left hand (three times bodyweight 96,5kg)
  • Leoko 6*5kg loose pinch lift for both hands, left just using 2 fingers + thumb
  • 7*10lbs discs lift left/right
  • 7*10lbs discs left hand two fingers + thumb
  • INCH (almost done)
  • Blob50 by the face lift for both hands, right 55,42lbs total
  • Leoko 2*20kg pinch lift for left
  • Ironhand Hall Of Fame
  • Euro Pinch 100.18kg (8.10 2011 WSH Leg3)
  • Rolling thunder 98kg at 95kg bodyweight

Finger lift feats:

  • 111kg farmer (25mm handle) 6 sec. time hold for middle finger of right hand
  • Little finger lift (10mm ring) left 86kg right 81kg

Chin up feats:

  • Two arm chin up +87,5kg
  • One arm chin up +4,8kg left
  • One arm one finger chin up at 200,4lbs bodyweight, middle finger of left hand

Skills of flexibility:

  • Split on the floor all three different ways
  • Chair split
  • Arm assisted 180 degrees standing split for both sides
  • One Arm pull up, both hands (bw 91kg)
  • RT One arm chin up attempts (Video)
  • Weighted two arm chin up BW 91 + 90.25 kg extra = total 181.25 kg
  • One arm chin up with extra weight +6.3 kg (Video)
  • Little finger pull-ups (Video)