World's Strongest Hands 2011

Leg 1 - Saturday 13 August, 2011

Leg 2 - Saturday 10 September, 2011

Leg 3 - Saturday 8 October, 2011

Leg 1 Events:

  1. One Hand Vulcan Gripper - 20mm block close
  2. Two Hands Pinch Lift
  3. Half a Penny (one hand) – GripTopz
  4. Shallow Hub (one hand) – GripTopz

Leg 2 Events:

  1. One Hand Vulcan Gripper - 30mm block close
  2. Two Hands Pinch Lift
  3. Stub (one hand) – GripTopz
  4. Half a Penny (one hand) – GripTopz

Leg 3 Events:

  1. One Hand Vulcan Gripper - 20mm block close
  2. Two Hands Pinch Lift
  3. Shallow hub (one hand) – GripTopz
  4. Stub (one hand) – GripTopz


All around the world

Overall promoter:

David Horne and World of Grip

Contest promoters:

  1. David Horne – Stafford, England
  2. Juha Harju – Helsinki, Finland
  3. Chris Rice – Crooksville, Ohio, USA
  4. Dave Thornton – Three Rivers, Michigan, USA
  5. Jedd Johnson – Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA
  6. Adam T. Glass – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  7. Dylan Scally – Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  8. Derek Graybill – Tucson, Arizona, USA
  9. Eric Milfeld & Paul Knight – Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  10. James Grahame & Dave Stiff – Melbourne, Australia
  11. Victor Onischenko - Moscow, Russia


Open Class - all competitors will be in the Open Class.
82.5k and under Class - The athlete must weigh in at 82.5k or under on the day of the contest on all 3 legs.
If they miss weight on one leg then they will then only be valid for the Open class.
Women's Class – For women.


You can compete at any venue. The same events and apparatus will be used at all venues.


There will be specially cast trophies for the Open (1st - 5th place), 82.5k and under class and the women’s class (1st - 3rd).

Entrance fees:

£10 GBP ($15, 12€) per leg, or £25 GBP ($37, 30€) for more than 1 leg, ie. All 3 legs. All payments are made to the individual promoters by cash or paypal, then after each leg they will send the relevant payment to me through paypal. To compete at Stafford please send the payment through paypal to


Will be posted soon, along with a video.


The results should be sent to me on the day of the contest and no later. So that I can type up the overall results as soon as possible, and get this up on the forum the next morning. At the end of the 3 legs, the overall scores will be compiled to find the overall rankings and winner. The trophies and medals will then be sent out to them.


I will do a video, which I will put on youtube showing how to referee the events, etc.