Finnish Grip Strength Nationals 2015
Posted on 18.01.2015, 05:35 by Juha Harju

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Finnish Grip Strength Nationals 2015

Saturday 9 May, 2015
Epana Gym

Weigh in: Epana 10-12am.
Start: Contest at 12am.

Competitor can choose in which class he will compete

PRO-Level (open weight class)
Species: (Medley Race, max time 5min)
Double 10lbs sledge levering
Adjustable thick bar 130kg (grip topz rule)
IronMind little big horn 80kg (IM rule)
Scale squeeze 150kg
2x20kg plates pinch lift
COC#3.5 20mm block close (one rep)
Double blob50 + 2x2.5kg (total 5kg) extraweight full lock out
Silarukov 2x50mm rolling handles 65kg 10 meters farmer walk

Elite-Level: (Open weight class)
Coc#2.5 reps with 20mm block
Shallow Hub max lift 4 attempts
Adjustable Thick Bar max lift 4 attempts
Pipe 48mm max lift 4 attempts
Blob50 Timehold 2 attempts

Novice-Level: (Open weight class)
IronMind little big horn (IM rule)
IronMind silver bullet hold (IM#2)
Scale squeeze 4 attempts

Women : (Open weight class)
IronMind little big horn (IM rule)
IronMind silver bullet hold (official IM#2)
Scale squeeze 4 attempts

Other Species:
INCH 78kg (+cans) timeholding world record breakers
IronMind Crushed To Dust Challenge
IronMind GOLD Nail Bending (200€ prize)

Ossi Kettunen
Eero Salo
Petri Rantalainen
Juuso Juhola
Arto Joronen
Perttu Räsänen
Niclas Sandberg
Harri Peltomaa
Juha Lehtimäki
Niko Eerola
Jouni Mähönen
Matti Harju
Juha Matti Höglund
Juha Harju
Jussi Wägg
Petri Partanen
Fenne Muhonen
Sami Saari
Juha Piironen
Pasi Mehtälä

Yvonne Häkkinen

Contest registration:

Juha Gripmonster Harju, Juha Lehtimäki, Yvonne Häkkinen

There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the all
classes winners

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