Nightmare Of Butcher 2015
Posted on 25.01.2015, 12:40 by Juha Harju

Matti Harju BW 101,3k / age 35y
Juha Harju BW 119,7k / age 41y
Juha Lehtimäki BW 95,2k / age 26y
Riku Karu (Estonia) BW 113,8k / age 45y
Arto Joronen BW 156,7k / 49y
Petri Partanen BW 91,7k / 37y
Juha-Matti Höglund BW 161,9k / 29y
Veijo Riikonen BW 100,4k / 53y
Eero Salo BW 88k / 69y
Vilho Grenfors BW 86,7k / 71y
Yvonne Häkkinen Female BW 77,7k / 35y

Total points (four species)
1.Matti Harju 6p The Nightmare Of Butcher 2015
2.Juha Harju 6,5p
3.Juha Lehtimäki 15,5p

Riku Karu (Estonia)23p
Petri Partanen 25p
Veijo Riikonen 25p
Arto Joronen 28p
Eero Salo 29p
Juha-Matti Höglund 30p
Vilho Grenfors 32p

Yvonne Häkkinen 4p

INCH 78k (replica) cup timehold (Gladiator 79,4k / 61,44mm)
Riku Karu (Estonia) 23sec
Juha Harju 22sec
Arto Joronen 3sec
Matti Harju no result
Petri Partanen no result
Juha Matti Höglund no result

INCH 55k cup timehold (Gladiator 54k / 62mm)
Riku Karu (Estonia) 55sec
Matti Harju 25sec
Arto Joronen 22sec
Juha Lehtimäki 22sec
Juha-Matti Höglund 18sec
Petri Partanen 17sec
Veijo Riikonen 15sec
Eero Salo 9sec
Vilho Grenfors 5sec

Meat Hook Deadlift -max lift
Matti Harju 215,84k
Juha Harju 191k
Veijo Riikonen 180,94k
Juha Lehtimäki 171k
Juha-Matti Höglund 171k
Eero Salo 171k
Petri Partanen 161k
Arto Joronen 150,94k
Yvonne Häkkinen Female 131k
Riku Karu No Result

Shallow Hub Lift -hold
Juha Harju 24k/18sec
Matti Harju 24k/7sec
Juha Lehtimäki 24k/5sec
Petri Partanen 21k/13sec
Juha-Matti Höglund 18k/10sec
Riku Karu (Estonia) 18k/8sec
Vilho Grenfors 15k/13sec
Eero Salo 15k/10sec
Arto Joronen 15k/8sec
Veijo Riikonen No result
Yvonne Häkkinen Female No result

Horne Top Lift -hold
Matti Harju 65k/22sec
Juha Harju 65k/13sec
Juha Lehtimäki 65k/13sec
Riku Karu (Estonia) 65k/12sec
Veijo Riikonen 55k/28k
Arto Joronen 55k/13sec
Vilho Grenfors 55k/12sec
Eero Salo 55k/8sec
Petri Partanen 55k/7sec
Yvonne Häkkinen Female 35k/20sec
Juha-Matti Höglund No result

Adjustable Thick Bar Lift -hold
Juha Harju 120k/6sec
Matti Harju 105k/12sec
Riku Karu (Estonia) 105k/6sec
Juha Lehtimäki 105k/5sec
Petri Partanen 105k/5sec
Arto Joronen 105k/5sec
Veijo Riikonen 90k/21sec
Eero Salo 90k/16sec
Vilho Grenfors 90k/13sec
Yvonne Häkkinen Female 45k/42sec
Juha-Matti Höglund No result

Nightmare Of Butcher 2015
GripMonsters will arrange Nightmare Of Butcher contest
with grip legend David Horne´s species and support.
This contest will be 1st Finnish gripsters elimination
for Nordic Fitness Expo 2015 grip strength happening.

Sunday 1 March, 2015
Epana Gym, Kirkkonummi
Weight in: 9.00-11.00
Contest start: 11.00
Classes: open
(World records will be added in all weight classes)

Meat Hook Deadlift -max lift
Shallow Hub Lift -hold
Horne Top Lift -hold
Adjustable Thick Bar Lift -hold

INCH 78kg (replica) timehold
INCH 54kg (replica) timehold


World Records

INCH Dumbbell 78kg (replica) Official
Timehold World Record Breakers